Pitfalls of Using Personality Assessments

Personality assessments can be a great tool for employers, especially during hiring stages. They are helpful in providing background on an individual’s strengths and communication styles, as well as whether or not the candidate may be a good fit for a role based on their work preferences. For example, if you’re looking for someone who is highly analytical, an assessment can help to determine if an individual would actually enjoy doing an analytical role – thus allowing a better predictor for retention.

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One Easy Trick To Make Your Network Bulletproof

Early in my career and especially in my HR world, I heard a lot about networking and its importance. I was never a fan of the term networking. I’m a proud introvert (but I bet you wouldn’t know it!) and networking events would clean me out of all the energy I had. I feared large social events – where do I stand when I don’t know anyone?  How do I approach a conversation?  How can I make this not look awkard?

I am amazed to say that I have really started to love networking and may I say, getting pretty good at it. As I have made more meaningful connections throughout my career, networking has actually become one of the best parts of my professional and even personal life!

So how did I make such a big switch?

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