Pitfalls of Using Personality Assessments

Personality assessments can be a great tool for employers, especially during hiring stages. They are helpful in providing background on an individual’s strengths and communication styles, as well as whether or not the candidate may be a good fit for a role based on their work preferences. For example, if you’re looking for someone who is highly analytical, an assessment can help to determine if an individual would actually enjoy doing an analytical role – thus allowing a better predictor for retention.

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Do You Delegate Effectively?

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Delegating is tough indeed. If you really think about it, the art of delegation is a combination of letting go and not feeling like you’re dumping work on someone else.  Many leaders tell me they hesitate delegating because:

  • The employee is not doing the task the way the leader would.
  • The employee appears to be procrastinating or “slacking off.”
  • The employee is stuck but won’t admit they don’t know what they’re doing.
  • And so many other reasons.
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Great Leaders Meet Employees Where They Are

Leaders tend to see higher rates of success if they are able to meet the employee where they are in their learning curve. There are lots of different assessment tools out there to determine where your employee is at in different skill-sets, personality traits and preferences. However for coaching purposes, one tool that is extremely helpful is the Conscious Competence Model.

This article will give you a quick and dirty rundown of what this model is, and tips on how you as a manager can get the best out of your employees if you meet them where they are and support them accordingly.

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Feeling Stagnant in your Career? Try this one Simple Technique

If you haven’t heard of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping), then I’m sure you will. EFT has become a popular topic and tool used for self-care with remarkable reported benefits. However, more recent exploration and discussion of this topic raises the question: How can this technique help one to become a stronger performer and leader?

In my practice, I have leveraged EFT tapping as a tool to further the progress my clients have experienced. This method is effective because we have many blockers that interrupt us from being our best selves. For example, if you know much about acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the main healing journey involves removing blockages around the energy meridians in the body. Similarly, our thoughts engage in blockages, where predispositions or the wiring of our brains lead us to think and feel a certain way. The only way to get past these blockages is to explore, and re-route them.

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3 Ways to Increase Your Potential

Your brain has an infinite amount of potential! It has the ability to create new neural pathways throughout your life. However after a certain age, our old or habitual ways become ingrained or hardwired within the brain, which is why change becomes difficult. It’s our brain’s natural way of being more efficient; it learns to hardwire behaviors so that we can go into “autopilot” mode to save energy.

A simple example of this is when we drive to work. How many times have you driven to work and not even remembered actually driving there? That is how our brain goes on autopilot.  It knows exactly what to do without us consciously knowing how we’re doing it – the actions and behaviors of driving to work are hardwired.

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5 Kick-ass Kick-starter Questions for your One-on-Ones

Leaders have expressed to me that they struggle with how to get their employees talking in one-on-one discussions.  Here is an example of a typical exchange between the leader and me:

Leader: My employees tell me they don’t need a one-on-one. They either don’t talk at all, or they tell me they have nothing to bring up or discuss.

Me: So then what happens?

Leader: Well, I just cancel them because clearly they don’t need them….or want them.

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Hit the Reset Button: How to Have Awesome One-on-Ones

One-on-ones are a very important tool to cultivate the relationship with your employees, and there are many tips out there on what managers can do to have effective one-on-ones. When I was managing a large operations team, I came with a strong background in HR, so I knew the ins and outs of having effective one-on-ones. However, what I didn’t anticipate is that the employees I managed had no idea how to have an effective one-on-one with me! Continue reading “Hit the Reset Button: How to Have Awesome One-on-Ones”