How many times have you wondered if the approach you’re taking with someone who reports to you is the right one?

How often do you think to yourself: I don’t really need to go to my manager or Human Resources for this issue…. but still want to bounce your thoughts off someone?

How often have you wanted an impartial sounding board to talk through your frustrations, ideas, challenges and career aspirations?

During your leadership career, these thoughts are common and experienced by all leaders. The reason? Human beings need encouragement, validation, and the opportunity for free thought, in order to come up with their best solutions.

Further, we grow up and go through our careers with predispositions. This can include certain beliefs about ourselves, others, and how leaders or employees should function. These can become blockers for success if we don’t talk them out and work to align our decisions, actions and behaviors around our true core values.

Hiring an executive coach will allow you regular, confidential 1:1 time to talk about your goals, objectives and blockers with someone who is compassionate, caring, impartial, and has your best interests at heart.

Through these discussions, you will discover:

  • Your true leadership style.
  • A caring, respectful approach to your employees and team that aligns with your value system.
  • An effective way to remove blockers to make the best decisions for both the organization and your employees.
  • Work through difficult situations with empathy, emotional intelligence and ultimately with ease.

The result?

  • Increased engagement amongst your team.
  • Greater ability to make confident decisions quickly and effectively.
  • Increased clarity of your leadership style.
  • Accelerated career growth like never before.
  • Increased personal and career satisfaction.

Rubiks Coaching’s techniques have been proven to boost confidence, allow for bold decisions and ultimately help leaders achieve their career aspirations; all while leading teams that are engaged, motivated and high performing.

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